I'm sold on them!! They're lovely with White Bechamel
  Sauce spiked with Cognac filled with Scallops, Crab Meat and Lobster!!
  Sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese, out of this world!! Yum!! Outstanding.
  *Sybella Debesa.
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  I just found these in our local Walmart,
  and I can't stop eating the chocolate hazelnut banana crepes!
  I won't even say how many I've already had today!
  *Alicia Benton.
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  I did with bananas blueberries and mozzarella cheese and it was so yummy.
  Please try it because that's the best ones I ate!
  *Kristina Johnson.
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  I just had a delightful experience of having the crepes with sweet cheese;
  just like mom used to make, love, love love!
*Barbara Jazwinski Gaskins.
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