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Delicious Keto-Friendly Foods

The keto diet has surged in popularity in recent years, transforming the lifestyles and physiques of many. As a diet that is low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and high in fats, it could seem difficult to follow–– until a dash of creativity and Crepini come to the rescue.  Our keto-friendly wraps made with egg and cauliflower are the perfect addition to the certain proteins, dairy, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and berries that comprise this specialized diet. 

We’re here to fill you in on the delicious keto-friendly foods you can incorporate in your diet, and how our egg and cauliflower wraps could be the cherry on top of so many of your recipes. After all, lowering carbs while creating delectable meals is our specialty!


  •  Seafood 

If you’re a seafood lover, brace yourself to also be a keto-lover. Salmon and other fish are rich in vitamin B, potassium, and selenium, while other fatty fish including salmon, mackerel and sardines provide omega-3 fats associated with lowering insulin levels and increasing insulin sensitivity. Fish can be prepared in olive oil, butter, or ghee in a sauté pan, baked in the oven, or grilled. For a delicious keto meal, try baking or air-frying one of our keto-friendly wraps, and topping it with your cooked fish of choice, leafy greens, avocado, your choice of non-starchy vegetables, and a (hefty) sprinkle of cheese. Talk about savory, crunchy, carb-free goodness! 

  •  Meat/Poultry

Meat lovers, meet the keto diet. Fresh red meat and chicken provide the high protein, zero carb properties needed to adhere to a keto way of life. They contain B vitamins, minerals, potassium, selenium, and zinc that contribute to your body’s ketogenic state. Meat and poultry can be cooked much like seafood and wrapped in our keto-friendly wraps to create meals that will make you feel like you’re cheating on your carb-free commitment. Try creating a keto burrito by sauteing ground beef with red and green peppers, placing the mixture on a Crepini topped with cheese, and securely wrapping it to be placed in an air fryer for your zero carb treat.    

  •  Eggs

Eggs hold the power of protein and are key players in the keto-friendly world. With less than one gram of carbohydrates and six grams of protein in just one egg­, they’re suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner­­. They can trigger hormones that make you feel full, have antioxidants that boost health, and are downright tasty. Cook your eggs fried, scrambled, boiled, or poached, add cheese and any keto-friendly veggies to create the perfect, protein and fat packed meal. You can even use our keto-friendly wraps to add a delicious crunch to your recipe. Use a mini muffin tin to bake the wraps to a crisp, add an egg and cheese, and re-bake for egg cups that you can enjoy at any time of day.  


If your body tolerates dairy, keto-friendly dairy foods will tickle your fancy. Most cheeses are very low in carbohydrates, extremely high in fat, and are rich in protein and calcium– making them staples to use in keto recipes or to snack on throughout the day. Plain Greek yogurt and cottage cheese contain the same beneficial properties, with an even greater amount of protein in store. Of course, choosing full fat products is key, and the mixture of high fat, protein, and calcium could work together to promote fullness. These dairy items could easily be eaten alone for a quick snack, but for a delicious change in scenery try adding our keto-friendly wraps to your meals. Toasting the egg wrap to a crisp and folding into a triangle could form the ideal carb-free toast for your cheese or dairy spread. 


Other close friends of keto are non-starchy vegetables. Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale are super rich in vitamin K and iron, making them wonderful additions to enhance your meal with nutritional value. Peppers are packed with vitamin C, and as they come in many shapes, sizes, and tastes, they are sure to spark your imagination to inspire delicious recipes. The hollow centers in larger bell peppers could always serve as a carb-free crust for any fillings of your choice such as chicken, egg or tuna salad. Another extremely versatile vegetable for low-carb, high vitamin intake is summer squash. Cubed, sliced, or spiralized– zucchini can open a gateway to a plethora of culinary creations in your keto journey. For guilt-free vegetable pizza, try toasting one of our keto-friendly wraps, and topping with your vegetable medley and some cheese. Who says there’s no such thing as all-you-can-eat low-carb pizza? 

Nuts, Seeds, Berries 

Nuts and seeds are packed to the brim with protein, fiber, and healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Choices like almonds, pecans, walnuts, and macadamia nuts are extremely low in carbohydrates, along with chia and flax seeds. And, while most fruits are banned from the keto diet, raspberries and strawberries serve a beneficial purpose. They’re low in carbs, high in fiber, and are filled with antioxidants that could treat inflammation. Adding nuts, seeds and berries to plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese adds taste and texture, providing the perfect mixture of savory and sweet in your keto-friendly snacking. 

It could seem difficult to avoid the stigma behind a carb-free lifestyle, but it’s time to embrace it with open arms. There are countless ways to concoct delicious recipes using the high fat, high protein, low carb ingredients that keto entails. With a little imagination and some keto-friendly wraps, you can confidently and flavorfullyleave the carbs behind.