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"Thank you so much for creating this amazing product! I use them every single day and have lost almost 20 pounds in the last few months and I truly thank Crepini® Egg Wraps for this blessing."

Sara A.

"If you haven't tried Crepini wraps you're missing out! They are the perfect substitute for tortillas. Fully cooked and so versatile, and best of all, ready in 15 seconds."

Denise C.

"Obsessed with these"

Jennifer E.

“Best creation ever! Helped me lose weight, save time, and stay full!”

Alexandria B.

“These are awesome! My friend told me that these were delicious and she was right! You can put anything on or in them and keep them as low calorie or high calorie as you like.”

Kristy W.

"So I have been searching high and low for Crepini wraps for weeks now and I finally found them. Holy moly are they delicious!!”

Patty B.

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