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We Answered All Your Egg White Wrap Questions

If yolk isn’t one of your best friends, egg wraps still can be. When it comes to eggs, some people may need a lighter version… literally and figuratively. Take away the yolk, and you have a delicious, protein-packed wrap that’s lighter in color and lower in calories, better known as our Crepini ® petite egg white wraps.

Today, we want to dive deeper into any concerns you may have about the egg white wrap. We’re here to answer all of your questions, and let you in on its health and versatility so that you can successfully incorporate egg white wraps into your every day meal planning. Leave the carbs (and the yolk) behind with a new ingredient to both enhance and lighten your recipes.

What is an egg white wrap?

To put it simply, an egg white wrap consists of egg whites with a small amount of olive oil and xanthan gum cooked in a circular shape to mimic a sandwich wrap. The wraps are lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, and are used as a carbohydrate substitute in a multitude of recipes.

While they are named ‘wraps,’ they can be cooked in many ways to mimic foods of all sorts: pasta, crepes, wraps, taco shells, chips, and more. They can be prepared cold straight out of the refrigerator, warmed in the microwave, or crisped in a pan or oven. 

What do egg white wraps taste like?

Our egg white wraps are slightly salted and peppered with a hint of olive oil– creating the perfectly light yet tasty canvas for your recipes. They’re thin yet fluffy, mild yet tasty, and can be paired with just about anything. It’s important not to expect a strong flavor, as egg whites are much lighter than their counterpart yolk, but they provide the savory taste of the egg that compliments other flavors, while not overpowering them.  

Are egg white wraps good for you?

In a nutshell: yes, very much so. Our wraps use all natural and clean ingredients, are gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, and have zero net carbohydrates– essentially making them the perfect wrap alternative without any consequences. Additionally, the egg white wraps have no cholesterol as the yolk is not present. They’re a wonderful source of protein, packed with six grams per two wraps to offer to your meals.

How long do egg wraps last?

Once the egg wrap package has been opened, they should be consumed within seven days. This is because the wraps may dry out. However, you can use your best judgment when deciding to use them following that period. If the wraps have any mold, a slimy feel, or a bad smell, it’s best to throw them away. When leaving the wraps in the refrigerator unopened, they should be consumed prior to the date that’s marked on the package. You can always keep a package of our egg white wraps at hand in the freezer, as they’ll last for up to twelve months. Just pop them in the refrigerator to defrost, and you’ll have seven days of egg wrap recipes.  

How many calories are in an egg white wrap?

In just one egg white wrap there are 20 calories. With our serving size as two, egg white wraps could add merely 40 (protein-packed) calories to your meal. They’re perfect for any low-calorie recipe or diet.

How many carbs are in an egg white wrap?

 When we say “leave the carbs” we mean all of them! That’s right, there are zero carbohydrates in egg white wraps. Our recipe is 96% egg whites which are naturally carb-free, and xanthan gum is a soluble fiber– making egg white wraps an ingredient with zero net carbs. They’re ideal substitutes for carb-filled ingredients that are the star of any meal, imitating the mouth-watering taste while providing a lighter feel.

What meals could you make using an egg white wrap?

The better question is, what meals can’t you make using an egg white wrap?

They’re durable enough to withstand any fillings or toppings you desire, and versatile enough to be prepared in multiple ways. During breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you name it, egg white wraps can help create it.

What about making omelets without the hassle of making the outer shell? Simply place any ingredients you desire on a wrap, fold it over, and warm on a skillet to create the perfect meal for morning, noon, or night. Or  reinvent taco night using egg wraps as taco shells and filling them with all your favorite fixings. For another delicious and nutritious idea, try making completely carb-free pasta by cutting your egg white wraps into thin strips, and sautéing in a pan with your choice of sauce.

We can’t forget the delightful dish that fuels the essence of our Crepinis. Crepes could be indulged in as a both sweet and savory treat, making them wonderful additions to any part of your day. Fill your egg white wraps with cream cheese and fruits for a sweet breakfast or dessert, or add cheese and vegetables for a salty treat.

So, for a resourceful way to pack recipes with protein, lighten the calories, change up the textures, while never compromising taste, turn to our egg white wraps. The possibilities of creating hearty and healthy meals are so endless, you’ll find having extra frozen packs at the ready to be handy!