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Healthy Picnic Sandwiches To Eat Outdoors

With summer finally making its grand entrance, it's time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoy doing things outside that we normally can’t when it’s colder, such as indulging in meals outdoors. What better way to bask in the season’s outdoor beauty than with a hearty picnic sandwich?

Picnics are a staple for good weather, and with sandwiches as a typical picnic highlight, it’s easy to diversify the menu in delicious and nutritious ways. All you need is any type of bread (or substitute like our egg wraps), your choice of middle fixings, and a savory sauce­– and you’ve got a quick, healthy, and delicious outdoor meal.

Here are some healthy picnic sandwiches to make for your next outdoor extravaganza:

Deli Sandwich

There’s nothing like an old fashioned deli sandwich to enjoy while sitting outside, which is why it’s our first mention. You can place essentially any sliced deli meat (turkey, ham, roast beef, prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, etc) and any sliced deli cheese (American, provolone, Swiss, cheddar, etc) in-between bread with your choice of greens or vegetables, and create a nourishing meal. Try adding a twist to your next picnic sandwich by spreading hummus on two Crepinis to use as top and bottom bread pieces, and placing prosciutto, salami, arugula, and provolone cheese in the middle. Cut your round Crepini-wich in fourths and enjoy a gourmet-style meal in the beauty of your neighborhood.  

Veggie Wrap

Calling all veggie-lovers! A vegetable wrap could be the perfect picnic sandwich to munch on. You can use a spread like cream cheese or hummus on a wrap to bind together your mix of vegetables, and roll it up for pieces of crunchy goodness. Use our Crepini wraps to make rainbow pinwheels as an easy-prep and healthful addition to your picnic. Spread cream cheese on the egg wrap, lay thinly sliced pieces of red and yellow bell pepper, carrots, spinach leaves, and purple cabbage, roll tightly into a log, and cut into pinwheels for bite sized vegetable sandwiches. Does it get any healthier than consuming nature’s goodness while lounging in it as well?  

Tuna Wrap

As a spin on another lunch staple, tuna wraps are healthy picnic sandwiches to add to your menu. If you enjoy tuna sandwiches, this nutritious take on the meal is something to consider. Try making your tuna salad to your liking, placing a dollop on a round wrap, topping with a crunchy green like arugula or iceberg lettuce, and rolling to seal. For a completely carb- and gluten-free twist, place your tuna and greens atop an egg wrap and indulge. 

Salad Wrap

Mix the best of both worlds by placing your favorite salad within the blanket of a wrap. Essentially, you can toss together any type of salad imaginable, sprinkle in your favorite dressing, and scoop some onto a wrap to be held together tightly– making your salad handheld. The bite allows you to lose the fork and mixes the crunchy unique salad taste with a soft outside for a delectable outdoor treat. For a way to cut carbs, try creating salad wraps using crepini egg wraps to carry your concoctions. Our nicoise salad wrap recipe features a mix of tuna, beans, boiled eggs, olives, capers, and arugula or try our tofu, jicama, and mango salad wrap recipe for a sweet and savory blend topped with crunchy peanuts.        

Tomato Sandwich

As simple as it sounds, a tomato provides a hearty center for your sandwich– and can be topped with several ingredients to supplement its tasty bite. You can stick a slice of tomato in between your choice of bread, or carb-free egg wraps, top with greens and cheese, and cut into pieces for a delicious picnic sandwich. Add hummus or cream cheese to your outer slices for extra flavor, or make your meal gourmet by topping your tomato with a slice of mozzarella cheese and a sprig of basil for a caprese sandwich on-the-go. A tomato can go a long way, and for a picnic sandwich it’s the perfect centerpiece.

Don’t let the idea of a sandwich feel boring or redundant. Your next picnic could be filled with tasty, gourmet-like sandwiches that will leave the guilt behind (especially when choosing a delicious and nutritious Crepini wrap). Your healthy picnic sandwiches can be filled with hearty meats and vegetables in a multitude of ways– catering to all taste buds and all outings. Try adding one (or all) of these recipes to your next play date with mother nature!