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At Crepini®, we’re all about the pursuit of better. You could say it’s in our roots.

At age 10, founders Paula and Eric immigrated from Ukraine and Moldova to the United States with their parents in search of a better life. On their way to live in New York, a delicious detour in Paris to visit relatives introduced them to crêpes. “Et voila,” as the French say—the Ukrainian Blini met the French Crêpe.

Life in New York was full of hustling and bustling. Paula and Eric found themselves working in corporate America, and later launching a tech company which grew to be a leader in IT consulting to Fortune 500 companies. But even in the midst of spreadsheets and board meetings, they kept thinking about getting the crêpes and blinis they grew up with onto American plates. What can we say, they were, and still are, obsessed.

In 2007, the table was set—Crepini was founded and the dream of bringing crêpes into every North American household was underway. Their first product, the Naked Crêpe, made them a rising food star, receiving great reviews from buyers and editors, along with four specialty food awards. They continued to innovate, and had a eureka moment with their Egg Wraps—a better-for-you version of a traditional crêpe. Now, not only was Crepini on tables across the country, but so was the ability to eat better because they are zero net carbs and keto friendly.

As Crepini has grown, more family members have joined the business. Paula and Eric’s sons, Ari and Sam, along with Sam’s wife, Lisa, have all helped Crepini become a fast-growing worldwide brand that’s sold in over 6,000 stores. Whether it’s through our products or our story, we hope you will see there’s no limit to what your imagination can create. 

How We


I love using Crepini at breakfast. I roll it up with a little sour cream and add a dollop of jam or a sprinkle of cinnamon. Plus a side of fresh berries!


My favorite way to eat Crepini is with cold cuts, like ham, and some cheese. Or some nice crispy bacon—that’s always a good choice.


My go-to is to crisp up my Crepini in a pan and then wrap it around a hot dog with some sauerkraut.


For me, an over easy egg, some melted cheese, crispy bacon, and ketchup wrapped up in a Crepini is the best breakfast ever.


My Crepini is a childhood classic—filled with peanut butter and jelly. It’s quick, easy, and just as good as it was when I was a kid.