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10 Easy And Healthy School Meals For Kids

It’s back to school time -  which also means back to making lunches and after-school snacks for the children of our future. If you’ve ever found yourself running out of options for your child’s meals, you’ve come to the right place. 

With their fussy palates, it can sometimes be challenging to satiate children’s food desires. Try mixing it up by offering a rotation of various meal and snack choices. Children appreciate creativity, so bringing it into their daily meals could make all the difference. 

When it comes to lunchbox meals and everyday snacks, Crepini wraps are a kid-friendly, easy-to-use and nutritious option that allows for a lot of versatility and creativity in the kitchen.  Pair our gluten-free grain, cauliflower, or sweet potato egg wraps with your choice of savory or sweet flavors, and your child will reap all of the nutrients. 

Here are some ideas for delicious snacks and lunchbox essentials to kickstart your back-to-school meal and snack preparation. 

Everyday Snacks

Let’s face it, kids (and adults, too!) can’t go without snacking. Everyday snacks are crucial for fueling children with the nutrients and energy they need. While snacking tends to get a bad rap, there are many nutritional options of snacks for kids to enjoy in between meals. Here are some ideas for your children’s school, weekend, and daily snacks.

  1.     Keto Chips               

Using any version of our egg wraps, some olive oil, and a little bit of kosher salt, you can create tasty and healthy chips.

Simply coat your choice of egg wrap with olive oil, cut into small triangular pieces and place on a baking sheet, sprinkle with kosher salt, and bake for 5-7 minutes. Serve these as a snack with guacamole or any dipping sauce, or place them in your child’s lunch as a side. You can provide all the texture and tastiness of chips with a nutritious and flavorful twist!

  1.     PB & J Wrap              

Create an alternative take on the all-time classic peanut butter and jelly sammie by swapping the bread out for one of our cauliflower egg wraps. 

This snack is not only a fun and creative take on a PB&J but also a clever way to deliver the powerful nutrients of cauliflower secretly. Melt butter in a pan to warm up the wrap and spread on peanut butter topped with jelly. You can roll the wrap into a burrito shape or fold it into a triangle for your child’s snacking pleasure.

  1.     Pizza

While this is likely not the first “healthy” snack idea that comes to mind, Crepini wraps help debunk the theory of pizza as solely junk food. This delicious treat could easily even become a healthy staple for your child’s snacking. 

Brush a cauliflower or gluten-free grain wrap with olive oil and place it in a preheated oven to crisp up for 2-3 minutes. Then spread your choice of sauce, sprinkle with cheese, add any toppings your child enjoys and bake for another 3-5 minutes. Cool, slice, and serve for a wholesome and fulfilling snack for your child’s weekly repertoire.  

  1.     Banana and Strawberry Crepes 

When the sweet tooth starts to kick in, these delectable strawberry and banana crepes can serve as a simple and nutritious snack. 

Warm your gluten-free grain or cauliflower wraps on each side on a skillet in melted butter, and transfer to a plate to cool. Place hazelnut spread on half of the wrap, and sliced bananas and strawberries on top of it. Fold the other half over fruit, sprinkle a bit of powdered sugar atop, and serve as a sweet snack for any time of day! 

Lunchbox Essentials

With the start of school also comes the chaos of preparing school lunches. This could feel taxing, but Crepini wraps are here to relieve the stress of redundant lunchbox meals. 

Here are some delicious, heat-free meal ideas for your child’s lunchbox that could be prepared and stored weekly and ready to be mixed and matched for maximum versatility.

  1.     Picnic Sandwiches                  

The sandwich idea is a fun spin on a classic lunch favorite that uses two cauliflower or grain-free Crepini wraps as the glue that holds it all together. 

To create picnic sandwiches, spread your choice of hummus (regular, red pepper, etc) on one wrap, lay down your child’s favorite lunch meat and cheese, sprinkle with some arugula, and top with the second wrap. Cut into four pieces to give your child the perfect lunchbox sandwich triangle, or even prepare beforehand and stick them in the refrigerator to have on deck for future lunches. 

  1.     Rainbow Pinwheels       

These colorful wheels are aesthetically pleasing, full of flavor, and downright healthy, with the potential to be the star of your child’s lunchbox. 

To prepare the rainbow, thinly slice some red bell peppers, carrots, yellow bell peppers, spinach leaves, and purple cabbage. Spread room temperature cream cheese evenly on a gluten-free grain or cauliflower Crepini and place two tablespoons of each vegetable in rows on the wrap, making sure to leave a one-inch border around the perimeter. Roll the concoction tightly, and glue together the ends with cream cheese if they have trouble sticking together. Lastly cut the log into pinwheels to serve in the lunchbox. You can create multiple pinwheels to save and serve throughout the week. 

  1.     Veggie Hummus Pinwheels     

These delicious veggie hummus wheels are another way to incorporate the nutrients of veggies into unique and tasty recipes for your child’s lunchbox. 

Warm up gluten-free grain egg wraps in the microwave for 30 seconds prior to placing the toppings on. Spread hummus across the warmed wrap, sprinkle spinach on the base, line up cucumber matchsticks in the center of the wrap, sprinkle chopped sun-dried tomatoes on top, and roll into a tight log. To serve, cut the log into pinwheels using a serrated knife and place inside the lunchbox, using any leftovers to rotate into the weekly lunches. 

After School Munchies

After school may be the kiddos’ hungriest time – they’ve spent so much energy on learning all day long that re-fueling is a must. 

We’re here to tell you that after school munching doesn’t have to be a burden, and can be quick, easy, and fun. To hold them over until dinner, here are some hearty and delicious snacks that you can use as after school staples. 

  1.     Keto Egg Bites

These bite-sized cups are cheesy treats that marry the crunch of Crepini wraps with the soft bite of baked egg. Place small cauliflower or gluten-free grain wraps into a muffin pan with cooking spray, crack one egg into the center of each, top with cheese, scallions, salt, and pepper, and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Once cooled for five minutes, they’ll be an after-school hit! 

  1.     Pigs in a Blanket

This Super Bowl staple could be your next go-to for after-school fuel for the kiddos. Instead of a heavy dough surrounding the mini hot dog, try making lighter, more nutritious pigs in a blanket using gluten-free grains, cauliflower, or sweet potato Crepini wraps. First, trim a quarter inch off two sides of your wrap then cut the rectangular shape into three strips. Place one cocktail wiener on a strip and gently roll, repeating the process with the rest and continuing with more wraps. Brush the tops with melted butter and bake in a preheated oven for 10-12 minutes for a crispy treat. 

  1. Grilled Cheese

Easily create the all-time comfort dish using any flavor Crepini wrap of your choice. For this alternative to a grilled cheese sammie, simply warm one wrap on a pan in melted butter for thirty seconds and flip over to sprinkle sharp cheddar cheese, cooking until it’s melted. Then, using cooking tongs or a spatula, fold the cheese-covered wrap in half, and half again once more to make a triangle. The gooey cheese and the crunchy Crepini will become an afternoon must-have.  

When preparing your children’s everyday lunch boxes and snacks, look no further than Crepini!

Our variety of egg wraps provide versatile textures and tastes to each meal, making it easy to think outside of the box (pun-intended!) 

Delicious faves we all know and love can be easily modified into creative concoctions packed with nutrients. With our wraps by your side, your children (and you) are sure to look forward to the daily lunch and snack time.