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Unhealthy Foods You Can Make Healthy

There’s simply nothing more comforting than that bite of junk food you’ve been daydreaming about…until the voice in your head screams “check the ingredients!” Here’s the thing– a world of sin-free eating does exist, and so many of your favorite indulgences could be a part of it. 

Eating your cravings has never been so easy, and Crepini is here to help. Many of the mouth-watering foods we love contain plenty of carbohydrates which, when consumed in abundance, can hinder glucose levels. By giving yummy recipes complete makeovers, we’re able to enjoy them as nutritious additions to our everyday recipes.  

Swapping carbs for eggs and cauliflower could have you eating all the pizza, pasta, and desserts your heart’s (and health) desire. Let’s discuss ways to say hello to comfort food, and goodbye to guilt! 


Let’s face it, snacking is kryptonite. For many, it takes genuine willpower to divert from a bag of chips or a frozen appetizer when the stomach is calling out for a bite. But munching on some yummy food in between meals doesn’t have to feel foolish, and substituting some ingredients could make it a guilt-free part of your day. Our cauliflower and gluten-free wraps could be folded around your choice of fillings to create healthy hot pockets, wrapped around mini hot dogs for crispy pigs in a blanket, and cut into triangles sprinkled with salt for crunchy chips. The snacks that tickle our fancy are often filled with heavy carbohydrates which could easily be traded in for a healthier alternative. With the flexibility of our protein and mineral packed wraps, “healthy snacking” never has to be an oxymoron. 


Ah pizza, the classic masterpiece that packs cheesy goodness and crispy, crunchy, delectable dough in each bite. We know how much of a treat this meal is, and we’re here to say that healthy pizza is in fact, a thing. You could trade in regular dough for a lighter crust, using our egg wraps to create your nutrient filled foundation. Unlike regular pizza dough, you’ll need to brush this crust with olive oil and bake in the oven before adding your toppings. This way, your crust will crunch like it should, all while containing vitamins and minerals necessary for your daily recommended intake. Dress your dough in any way your imagination takes you, as there’s really no limit to what this staple can do. For some artisan favorites, try our margherita pizza and barbeque chicken pizza recipes the next time your cravings call for it. Go right on ahead… let the moon hit your eye like a big pizza pie, and feel all the feels.  


One can only dream of never-ending pasta.  As crazy as that may seem, it’s not out of reach! In all its glorious shapes and sizes and doused in sauces galore, you can always count on pasta dishes for feel good food. Luckily, heavy pasta could be turned into a lighter, more nutritious treat using alternative ingredients for your noodles. One way to rev your creative engine is to use our gluten-free grain or cauliflower wraps as pieces of pasta. You can cut the wraps vertically into long strips and cook them in broth – giving you that al dente bite you know and love, with tons of vitamins to go along with it. Make the creamy Italian favorite cacio-e-pepe using parmesan cheese or enjoy a classic Thai cuisine with Thai drunken noodles. With Crepini revamping your pasta recipes, the culinary possibilities are endless. 


What if we were to tell you that it’s possible to enjoy your desserts, and feed your body the vitamins and minerals it needs? Yes, literally have your cake and eat it too! 

We understand the need for a sweet bite after a savory meal, and your desire for an indulgent treat doesn’t have to be ignored. There’s ways beyond your wildest imagination to use our cauliflower and egg wraps, or gluten-free cinnamon wraps in adding a healthy spin on delectable desserts. Recreate the traditional crepe in any version you desire by wrapping your choice of Crepini around fruits and fillings, like our maple bacon crepes that perfectly marry scrumptiously sweet and savory tastes. While crepes serve as our personal favorite pastime recipe, another great way to create better-for-you treats is using a muffin tin. Forming pieces of our wraps into the hollow of the tin creates a bowl shape that can be filled with concoctions for many delicious recipes. You can use Greek yogurt to make the healthy version of the beloved peach cobbler, or take a step outside of the box with more exotic recipes like our matcha ginger cheesecake cups. This way you can satiate your sweet tooth with a repertoire of desserts, all while feeling good about it.  

The next time you find your mind wandering to that delicious meal you think is off-limits, remember that all it needs is a nutritious makeover makeover. With the versatility of our nutrient-filled wraps, there are no limits to the unhealthy food you could make healthy.